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About us

Feel confident choosing the best preschool in Tempe, AZ. We are a family owned business and are committed to providing quality childcare and learning. Our Reggio Emilia approach encourages children’s natural curiosity and learning through a playful, integrated, enriching environment. Schedule a tour today and enroll your child with the best preschool in Tempe.


Dr. Rosalind Schoppet

Dr. Rosalind Schoppet, Ed.D

Dr. Rosalind Schoppet is a dedicated educator with over 20 years' experience in early childhood and elementary education. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in early education in 1997, going on to earn her Master of Arts in leadership education in 2000 and Doctor of Education in 2008. Dr. Schoppet's teaching certifications include Elementary Education (1-8), Principal (K-8), Superintendent (K-12), and Special Education.

Rosalind's love of learning dates back to her childhood – not surprising, since her father was also a teacher. She loves spending time with children, especially her own amazing kids. Of course, now that her kids are in high school, Rosalind has more time for her favorite hobbies: reading and playing with her two dogs, Junior and Rudy.

Originally from Missouri, Rosalind is an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan, so Cubs fans beware!

Michael Schoppet, CFA

Michael Schoppet, CFA earned his Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from the University of Missouri in Columbia. Michael went on to earn the following certifications: Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Certificate in Investment Performance Management (CIPM), and Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA). He has over 25 years' experience in finance and accounting.

Mike enjoys teaching youth sports, volunteering as a Little League baseball coach for over 10 years. He also volunteered in the First Tee Program that promotes positive life experiences through the game of golf. In his spare time, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife, Roz, and their two children.

Children Want

  • a hundred pathways to discover
  • a hundred pathways to invent
  • a hundred pathways to dream


At Pathways, we believe all children have natural curiosity, potential, interests, and the ability to construct their own learning through exploring with everything the environment provides them.

Children possess:

  • A unique image
  • Unique ideas, questions and curiosities
  • Unique approaches to inquire, explore and understand
  • Unique ways to communicate and imagine

Children need:

  • Caring teachers to guide them
  • A safe, clean environment with necessary tools and resources
  • A family that participates
  • A community that supports them
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Pathways focuses on each child in relation with the family, other children, the teachers, the environment of the school, the community, and with the wider society. Pathways is the gateway whereby all the above relationships are interconnected, reciprocated, and supported. Our mission is supported through the inspiration of Reggio Emilia and the guiding principles it encompasses.
Child viewing snail with magnifying glass


Through building strong relationships and connecting with the environment, Pathways seeks to create a foundational path that maintains a love of learning and an appreciation of the world around us.

A little bit about our director/owner

I had the privilege of working with Rosalind as a Director at BASIS Scottsdale for two years. In that time, Rosalind was the Special Education Director. Rosalind had the innate ability to meet all students' needs on a multitude of levels. She is a strong advocate who believes that all students can succeed, and she strives to provide them with the instruction, knowledge, and tools they need to be successful and reach their highest potential. Whether working individually or in small groups, she empowered her students to be creative thinkers and problem solvers. Rosalind taught her students to be independent learners and instilled in them the key qualities of organization and responsibility.

Rosalind worked diligently and professionally with school personnel, parents, and students to ensure that all student goals were met and that students felt motivated and successful. One thing that I miss about Rosalind is her motivation and dedication to her students and work. She will work countless hours to ensure the highest quality of work and to make sure she is thorough and successful. I highly recommend Rosalind to work in any capacity in the education field, as she truly values children and their development.

Brittany Walker

Head of School, BASIS Scottsdale Primary

I worked with Roz as Dean of Students from July of last year at BASIS Scottsdale. During my time in this position, I worked frequently with Roz as we helped students who needed extra support. Roz’s passion for education and helping children was evident from my first meeting with her. She strives to do her best for her students and often goes above and beyond. Roz is always looking for ways that she can bring the best out of any child that she works with and this is evidenced by the gains that her students have made. Her attention to detail and nurturing disposition make her great at what she does. I will miss Roz, but know that she will do a great job educating and leading young minds as they navigate through preschool and the Reggio Emilia curriculum.

Elana Campbell

Dean of Students

I worked with Roz Schoppet at BASIS Scottsdale where she held the role of the school’s Special Education Coordinator. During that time, Roz demonstrated consistent dedication and a sincere desire to help provide quality and individualized support to the students to the best of her abilities.

I specifically remember a time when she was working closely with a particular 4th grade student, and she discovered that part of his academic struggles were due to a visual perceptive disability. This disability should have been noticed when he was in first grade, so he had been dealing with it for three years before working one-on-one with Roz. Some modifications were implemented, and the student was then able to experience more successful moments at school especially on assessments simply because the print was enlarged to accommodate his disability!

I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work and learn from Roz as I view her as an amazing advocate for children. She has made a positive impact upon the lives of many students at the school we worked at together simply because she cared deeply enough to take the time to seek pathways that would lead children toward success in their lives!

Lynn Kuvakos

4th Grade Teacher, BASIS Scottsdale

I worked with Rosalind Schoppet as a Director of Academic Programs as well as a Middle School English teacher for the past three years (SY 2016- SY 2019) at BASIS Scottsdale.

In that time, I observed Rosalind’s passion for education and more importantly her drive to push for equity for her students. She truly believes in a student’s intrinsic ability to be successful through an individualized journey of learning that is specific to the abilities and learning styles of that student.

I particularly remember her working directly with a student who had displayed difficulties visualizing her learning and was often unable to memorize material from her core classes. Rosalind worked one-on-one with this student to practice visualizing material through memorization exercises that allowed the student to practice describing pictures in depth— hitting on not just what the pictures displayed but all of the details that could be described ranging from colors, proximity, number, size, angle, location, etc. While the student initially became frustrated, Rosalind continued to encourage the student and provide examples, often stopping to find a new way to engage the student. As the student increased their capacity to visually describe pictures from the exercises, Rosalind then correlated these new skills to the student’s capacity to memorize information for her classroom studies.

One thing that I will miss about Rosalind is her passion for education and her strive to make a difference. She truly understands there are a hundred ways to teach a lesson and many ways to work to solve a problem. Her resourcefulness and her passion will serve her and our community well.

Sara A. Johnson

M.Ed Educational Leadership and Supervision

I worked with Dr. Rosalind Schoppet while I was a first grade teacher from 2015 - 2017 at Gilbert Arts Academy.

It was such a pleasure to work with Dr. Schoppet. As the Special Education Coordinator, Dr. Schoppet led the department well. I have never worked with a coordinator who was as organized and detail-oriented. We met regularly to discuss the needs of my students to ensure that we were meeting their needs. She advocated for the best interest of the students. She was always very pleasant to work with; every challenge was viewed as a chance to grow students into the best version of themselves.

Dr. Schoppet was helpful because of her advanced knowledge of teaching strategies. The strategies were always hands-on, engaging, and student-centered. She truly understood the best ways for ALL children to learn. One thing that I miss is Dr. Schoppet’s willingness to listen and guide me through solving classroom issues.

I highly recommend Pathways Preschool. Your children will be cared for and their individual needs will be celebrated.

Best Regards,

Kyla Archie

Dr. Roz has been an advocate and partner in my son's education for over 6 years. My son will be graduating from high school next year. During his graduation, I will likely offer many words of thanks to Dr. Rosalind Schoppet for his success. From the age of 3, we recognized that my son lagged a little behind other 3 year olds. He was slow to walk, slow to potty train, and latent in his speech. For years, we struggled to find the right school, right resources, and right teachers for my son. It was only after talking with Dr. Roz that we learned that, as parents, we had Rights. Dr. Roz worked with my son and my family to understand his gifts, special needs, and our goals. After that, she took us through an organized strategy for advocating for his educational rights in our local school district. In addition, she helped us understand how to help my son maintain his confidence and focus. It is the latter that has helped us find the right school and strategies for his success. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to know that my son loves school and is passionate about learning even though he learns differently than other children. Dr. Roz is a crucial factor in his success. I am so happy to know that other children and families will benefit from Dr. Roz's wisdom and experience.


Harlan B. Hodge, MSW

Senior Manager, Diversity & Inclusion Center Diversity and Cultural Competency, Barnes-Jewish Hospital BJC HealthCare

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Dr. Rosalind Schoppet over the past several years at several different charter schools as her school psychologist. Rosalind is highly organized, efficient, and professional. Her insight and knowledge in working with students, faculty, and parents are outstanding. She has been a valuable asset to the campuses we have worked at together and she exhibits a commitment to students and promotes the value of working together as a team towards solutions. She is a strong advocate for the students she works with, ensuring they have all the necessary resources to achieve their goals. Rosalind is very articulate and professional when in meetings and working with parents. She facilitates her meetings in an efficient and thorough manner. Her organization and communication with her team members is unmatched. I look forward to seeing the difference she will make in the lives of young pre-schoolers as they begin their educational journey...

Danielle De Micco

M.A. School Psychologist

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