Dr. Rosalind Schoppet



Dr. Rosalind Schoppet is a dedicated educator with over 20 years’ experience in early childhood and
elementary education.  She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in early education in 1997, going
on to earn her Master of Arts in leadership education in 2000 and Doctor of Education in 2008.  Dr.
Schoppet’s teaching certifications include Elementary Education (1-8), Principal (K-8),
Superintendent (K-12), and Special Education.  Rosalind’s love of learned dates back to her
childhood which is not surprising since her father was also a teacher.  She loves spending time with
children, especially her amazing kids.  Of course, now that her kids are in high school, Rosalind has
more time for her favorite hobbies, reading and playing with her Golden Retrievers Junior and
Buddy. Originally from Missouri, Rosalind is an avid St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan, so Cubs fans

Michael Schoppet

Director of Operations and Owner

Michael Schoppet is a finance and accounting professional with over 30 years of experience.  He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Banking from the University of Missouri Columbia.  Michael went on to earn the following designations: Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Certificate in Investment Performance Management (CIPM), and Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA).  Mike enjoys teaching youth sports as a baseball coach for over 15 years and also as a volunteer in the First Tee Program that promotes positive life experiences through the game of golf.  In his spare time Mike enjoys playing golf, hiking and spending time with his wife, Rosalind, and their two children

Children Want


At Pathways, we believe all children have natural curiosity, potential, interests, and the ability to construct their own learning through exploring with everything the environment provides them.

Children possess:

  • A unique image
  • Unique ideas, questions and curiosities
  • Unique approaches to inquire, explore and understand
  • Unique ways to communicate and imagine

Children need:

  • Caring teachers to guide them
  • A safe, clean environment with necessary tools and resources
  • A family that participates
  • A community that supports them


Pathways focuses on each child in relation with the family, other children, the teachers, the environment of the school, the community, and with the wider society. Pathways is the gateway whereby all the above relationships are interconnected, reciprocated, and supported. Our mission is supported through the inspiration of Reggio Emilia and the guiding principles it encompasses.


Through building strong relationships and connecting with the environment, Pathways seeks to create a foundational path that maintains a love of learning and an appreciation of the world around us.

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